Along the Road

Along the road it is not uncommon to experience what I refer to as the 3D’s: Difficulty, Discouragement, and Down Right Frustration. These feelings are common in whichever path one may select. I will even go as far to say that these feels are necessary to achieving success. Why do I say that? I’m glad you asked. When any of the above mentioned feelings are experiecned it stretches us outside of our normal comfort which in turn exposes us to an unknown state. Most people do not like change because it requires us to change as well. What we may fail to realize, or take longer to realize is this: when we are streched we expand, when we expand we cover more territory.

That being said, never be afraid to tackle challenges in life that may lead you to experience the 3D’s. Through this you can grow not only as a trumpeter, student, scholar, musician, etc…but as a human. Never be afraid to MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL!


-Love, Trumpetess




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