Lip Alignment and Trumpet Playing

Alignment of the mouth, lip, and face muscles are critical to producing a nice, controlled and well balanced sound.

Proper alignment is a lot easier to achieve than you may think. How? Well I’m glad you asked. Every human has a natural form and stance, that naturalness is found by simply being natural. Try this: Look into a mirror, while looking at yourself observe the natural position of you nose, mouth, lips and chin. You will find that there are in a relaxed unrestricted state. This is exactly how they should remain while playing trumpet. Unnecessary tension should not be place on these muscles.

To achieve alignment, practicing vibrating the lips loosely as if you are blowing bubbles, pay attention to how it feels and what muscles are working as well as how they are working. Then practice doing the same thing into the mouthpiece buzzing the pitch C, lastly do the same thing into the trumpet.



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