Keeping my Promise

The other day I was visiting a friend that is currently going through a very tough situation. I walked in and embraced her tightly, then sat and listened as she poured out her heart. As I listened to her speak, I began to think of my life, dreams, goals, and ambitions. I listened as she told me about hers and how she feels this current situation is putting a damper on them. The more she shared, the harder I thought.

Ultimately, I came to this conclusion. Life is designed similarly to a maze. There are several paths in which you could travel and each path presents its own challenges and obstacles. Some lead to dead ends while others lead to broader paths, but no matter what in order to be successful you have to maintain a sound mind and level head in order to make wise decisions. If you make a wrong turn it’s okay, just learn from it and continue.

At the tender age of 8 when I realized I wanted to play trumpet, I made a promise to myself, my grandfather, and God that no matter what life brought I would never put down the trumpet. I fully intend to keep that promise too. Talking to my friend I realized that people turn make on their dreams and promises to themselves daily. Sometimes they do so and may not even realize it at the time but truth of the matter is life is supposed to be tough. Things are supposed to happen to try and shake your dreams. This occurs for you to realize just how important your dream is to you.

I leave you with these words… Never allow life’s obstacles to cause you to give up on your dream…

-Love “Trumpetess”


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