Harrelson Trumpets

Yesterday I just confirmed my order for a Harrelson Bravura Trumpet. I am super excited about the investment and wanted to share some information with you all about the trumpets. Check it out…

Harrelson’s SWE Technology:

Standing Wave Efficiency (SWE) Technology is a physics-based design method that preserves energy in the sound wave as it travels through a tube or instrument.

In a traditional trumpet, energy in the standing wave is lost in the form of vibration as it travels through the trumpet. The further the wave travels, the more energy is lost. To make things more complicated, the higher the note on the trumpet the greater number of nodes and anti-nodes. These nodal points vibrate the tubing wall and braces, robbing even more energy from the wave. And it doesn’t stop there! A common side-effect of nodal points involves Excessive Vibration Interference (EVI) between fixed points (trumpet braces) separated by vibration-prone material (thin and/or stiff tubing).

EVI is present on all traditional trumpets especially along the leadpipe and bell, which results in interference with the original sound wave. The EVI effect becomes more noticeable in the upper register of any brass instrument. This is due to the greater number of anti-nodes and nearly proportional number of spans measuring EVI. Difficulty in the upper registers of the trumpet is mostly due to the EVI effect. Reduce the EVI with SWE technology and the upper registers respond and sound much like the low and mid-registers.

High efficiency Harrelson Trumpets retain sound quality and character throughout all four octaves by preserving energy in the sound wave. It is possible to double and triple tongue two or more octaves almost effortlessly on a Bravura and three octaves on the Summit, Nouveau and Gravity. Of course some practice is definitely involved!

SWE is much like improved fuel efficiency in a car. In the past 100 years, the efficiency of the automobile has improved considerably. The very first vehicles had such low fuel efficiency and power that they were considered oddities with no purpose. Vehicles of today are hundreds of times more efficient exhibiting power, handling and usefulness that is beyond their original inventors’ comprehension.

Now imagine the evolution of the trumpet. There have been a few innovative and practical improvements to the trumpet over the past 100 years, but efficiency has increased by very little in production instruments. Harrelson trumpets are the most efficient trumpet designs ever created. Like the automobile, better efficiency means more power, range, endurance, playability, dynamics and sound.

SWE Research & Development
Jason Harrelson has been researching and applying SWE technology since 1996 both in the lab and real world playing situations. In pursuit of Effiency, he has personally built over 380 unique trumpet designs and over 800 individual trumpets as of 2011. Hundreds of acoustic, psycho-acoustic and mechanical experiments involving instrument/mouthpiece design and embouchure with thousands of students, colleagues and clients worldwide give Harrelson the knowledge and understanding necessary to match trumpet design properties with each client client’s specific needs.

Individual Consultation
Jason Harrelson is an active musician and currently machines and assembles every Harrelson Trumpet personally. His diverse performance experience offers clients valuable perspective throughout the design and production process. He will consider your individual concerns and playing preferences while offering solid advice on technique and equipment solutions. Jason has dedicated his life to improving the way you make music. Schedule an appointment with Jason to discuss your personal needs today or call 651.330.7774 Mon-Fri 9-5 CST.




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