Honoring Legends

Central Avenue Jazz Trumpetiste Clora Bryant Final draft

Jazz as we all know is much more that music we listen or dance to, it’s a strong piece of African American culture and history. Jazz comes from the the genius and creativity of the African American mind and has become a treasure to behold.

While working on my Masters Degree in Jazz Studies I have learned a great deal about the art and individuals that have help “spread the good news” of jazz and its importance to the black community. I have learned about “All-Girl” bands and women instrumentalist such as Clora Bryant (trumpet), Melba Liston (trombone), Elvira “Vi” Redd (alto sax), Vi Burnside (tenor sax) and several others that have despite stereotypical opinions and prejudices persevered and allowed their gift to shine. I would like to take the time to thank the above mentioned individuals and all the others for their contributions to Jazz and culture.

This knowledge has led me to focus on “Trumpetiste” Clora Bryant as the focus for my masters thesis. Bryant grabbed my attention because she is a woman trumpet player like myself. From examining her career and accomplishments I have drawn inspiration. Clora Bryant is the perfect example of how a woman can make it in a male dominate field and do well for herself.


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