For Young Trumpeters

Stay tuned for exercises, materials, and other information for young trumpeters. Use this space to share your teaching experiences and progress of your students.

Check out this website for tips, advice, instrument maintenance, and more:


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  1. trumpetessamusic
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 04:51:40

    I am currently working with KidzNotes, a non-profit organization in Durham, NC that promotes music to elementary school aged children. I teach general music as well as brass and woodwinds instruments. Right now I have two kids on trumpet that I am working with. Last week during one of our sessions, one of the kids looked at me and said “Miss Angel, my mom told me I better be good when I grow up, cuz her ears sure do hurt from me practicing all the time”. I laughed and looked at him and asked him did he want to be good, his reply was a shrilling YES! I said well you are on the right path. See what this young man has realized is that work is essential to success, he has also demonstrated that not only hard work is needed, but focus. I encourage all trumpet players to find your motivation and reason for picking up the horn. Once you do take it and run with it… Don’t allow you to be your downfall.


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