Post quotes from trumpeters. (could be quotes of inspiration, truth about the business…etc)

“To rise above the crowd, you must discipline yourself unceasingly to the strict demand and realities of your ambition.” -Arturo Sandoval

“Don’t fear mistakes, there are none.” -Miles Davis

“To be a true artist you have to play the way you feel- not the way others think you should feel.” -Don Ellis

“I don’t care much about music, What I like is sounds.” -Dizzy Gillespie

“Many a revolutions started with the actions of a few. Only 56 men signed the Declaration of Independence. A few hanging together can lead a nation to change” -Wynton Marsalis

“We grow up hearing that trumpeters blew down the walls of Jericho, that Gabriel’s trumpet announces the will of God, and that the largest and hippest of all animals, the elephant, has a trunk mostly (we think) for trumpeting. These grandiose images shape the classic trumpet persona: brash, impetuous,, cocky, cool, in command. Anyone who has ever played in a band knows that if the conductor stops rehearsal because a fight breaks out, if somebody takes your girlfriend, if a tasteless practical joke is pulled, if someone challenges every executive decision no matter how trivial, it’s got to be a trumpet player. That’s just how we are.” -Sweet Swing Blues on the Road, Wynton Marsalis 1994

“…we learn by a process of trial and error. More accurately, it is a process of eliminating those movements that do not produce the desired result, eventually reducing it to the one set of motions (movements) that does produce the result… This is achieved by sufficient repetition of a given exercise or study combined with extremely self-critical anaylysis.” -Gunther Schuller, Horn Technique

“Motivation plus practice equal skill.” -John Sloboda

“…we all have the tendency to practice the things we do pretty well. In truth, we should do just the opposite if we hope to improve.” -Nancy Lopes

“Technique is not music… Music is the thousandth of a millisecond between one note and another; how you get from one to the other- that’s where the music is” -Issac Stern

“Playing the trumpet is such a intangible experience. The player is compelled to start from the beginning and build anew each day… It isnt like building a house, where we resume where we left the previous accomplishments. Each new day we must rebuild the foundation of our musical structure…” -Armando Ghitalla

“It’s so important to listen to music, to listen again and again. Eat, sleep and drink music.” -Arturo Sandoval

“You must be willing and able to play anything, no matter how absurd it may seem to you, at the moment of conception, with no consideration of whether it will be liked or disliked, good or bad, without fear of making mistakes.” -Bobby Shew

“I practice things I have a hard time with. Be honest with yourself and focus on your weaknesses.” -Randy Brecker


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